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Trencon is committed to the process of B-BBEE in South Africa as an effective means of addressing historical economic and social inequalities. Trencon is a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor and an Empowering Supplier in terms of the  DTI’s Codes of Good Practice

We believe that early identification and focused development (through skills development initiatives), of key historically disadvantaged stakeholders, such as employees, suppliers and subcontractors, truly lead to an overarching environment of sustainable empowerment which in turn irrevocably contributes to the upliftment and transformation of the South African landscape in which we operate.

Trencon  is 100% Black-owned. The firm's BEE plan is spearheaded by a BEE task team.

  • Skills Development

Trencon is committed to the promotion of skills development, education and training within the Construction industry.  Recognising that our employees, subcontractors and stakeholders are an important element in the success of our company and a source of sustainable competitive advantage, our Directors and Management are fully dedicated to the training and development of all Stakeholders. 

We offer numerous bursaries, diplomas and training opportunities for our staff as well as unemployed individuals who are  in need of assistance. An equipped Training Centre is available for use at our Head Office in Edenvale. The Training Centre has previously been used for training staff of all levels on various training courses.

For the 2016 year we have offered 2 university bursaries and 4 technical college bursaries. We are in constant contact with our bursary students and offer them support where they need. We also offer programmes for technical college students to complete their in service training for technical college diplomas. We currently have 11 in service training candidates.

Trencon Construction also believes in furthering the qualifications of existing employees – we currently have 3 employees in administrative positions who we are helping to attain qualifications in their respective job categories.

  • Procurement

Through persistent and focused preferential procurement initiatives, Trencon has built a reliable supply chain, which forms a key contribution to our ongoing success under tremendously competitive market conditions. 

It is the policy of Trencon to promote BEE by striving to improve the current inequalities facing emerging businesses in South Africa. To achieve this Trencon encourages increased participation of Black business people in procurement activities, with particular focus on targeted enterprises. In keeping with this policy

Trencon has set the following objectives:

  • Increase the amount of spend on Black owned and Black women owned businesses
  • Increase the amount of spend on procurement from Targeted Enterprises registered with CIDB as a Potentially Emerging Contractor.
  • Enhance Trencon’s procurement status by encouraging suppliers to become contributors to B-BBEE and to improve their own contribution levels.


  • Enterprise Development

Trencon encourages and supports the increased participation of Black businesses in the Construction industry, particularly Black female owned businesses, by creating an enabling environment conducive to to development and growth of SMMEs and co-operative enterprises.

Our Enterprise Development Initiatives are designed with the aim of assisting small Black owned businesses to develop and grow into self-sustainable enterprises. The assistance we have provided in the past has been as follows:

  • Guaranteed work opportunities on existing Trencon projects
  • Financial assistance
  • Training and Development of employees
  • Management Mentorships through our in-house Mentorship programme
  • Business Administration Consulting.

Trencon Construction believes in assisting current subcontractors with skills in estimating and administrative training. We also have assisted companies in attaining their applicable registrations.

At present, Trencon’s largest Enterprise Development initiative is a partnership with a 100% Black female owned engineering company, Black Jills. We have partnered on two key projects namely the Woman’s Heritage Building project at Lilian Ngoyi Square and Gibela Package 2. Trencon has undertaken to assist the development of Black Jills with the aim of strengthening their company through skills development, capacity and capability building. Trencon has also provided financial assistance in terms of guarantee funding.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Trencon seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the resources that they need to effect change in their own communities through our various corporate social investment initiatives.

One of the largest initiatives was the construction of the Iveco training academy at the Don Bosco centre in Ennerdale, South of Johannesburg. This project included the construction of the new training facility. The value of the project was approximately R 1 967 565.00 (excl VAT.)

Trencon assists various communities in the following ways:

  • Sponsorship for skills training and education of local individuals
  • Employment of individuals from the local community therefore decreasing the rate of unemployment within the community
  • Monetary donations as well as donation of materials to local charities
  • Construction of community buildings at a reduced cost

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