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Our Services

Trencon Construction is a fully integrated and diversified construction entity offering the ability to execute traditional building and civils contracts as well as concession projects. Backed by our significant resources, Trencon is well placed to effectively tackle projects of any size and complexity.


Trencon’s expertise ranges from industrial developments, office blocks to shopping centres, residential developments, parkades, airports and schools. Our CIDB rating of 9GB is testament to our capability and the caliber of work that we have delivered in the past.


Civil Engineering

Trencon Construction’s CIDB rating of 9CE is verification of our capacity to effectively execute civil engineering projects of unlimited value. Our track record in the construction of stadia, bridges and infrastructure, demonstrates our ability in the field of Civil Engineering.


Concession Projects 

Trencon has successfully been involved with two concession projects namely the Department of International Relations and Cooperation and the City of Tshwane Head Office project. Trencon’s contribution to both of these projects on the design, finance and construction including ongoing management of the concession company has been significant and substantiates our expertise as an integrated construction entity.